The Medium is the Massage


On Kawara and Marshall McLuhan began abstracting media 50 years ago. They created a new context and with it the basis for intellectual thinking in the information age. In our digital present, separate carrier media of information are more important than ever, because the Internet threatens to monopolise the medium of information and with it a loss of perspective and the loss of humanity. Fortunately, with its physics, electromagnetic space still offers space for individual positions on their own carrier media. The generation of regular electromagnetic signals means that we can still quietly perceive these transmission signals away from the global internet.

"010000000000000" "010000000000001" "010000000000010" "010000000000011" "010000000000100" "010000000000101" "010000000000110" "010000000000111"

Signs of life in electromagnetic space

We have been sending signals into electromagnetic space since 1989. Since 2007, the transmitters have been located on self-sufficient floating islands in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Marano Lagunare and Linz.

Since 2020, we have been sending a sign of life from Linz via independent media into what is now a machine-based information age. Hourly on shortwave with a frequency of 7040kHz and 27245kHz in "Whisper" technology, and from 2021 once a day via the amateur radio satellite ES'Hail QO100 in the 178-year-old FAX format.

Transmitted from the art ship Eleonore in Linz

QO100 daily faxsimiles 2021 Start: 16.00

These signals can be received with analogue devices or on the Internet via WebSDR.

Previous Layers:

The electromagnetic space received via Meteosat3 20 years ago in the 150 year old FAX format.
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1993 Stadtwerkstatt TV: Freie Meinung braucht freie Medien - Radio Fro
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